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Audrey Miller

White Sand and Stone

About Audrey

There are many paths of healing, each of them with their unique moments. Reiki offers a deep
holding, emotional attention and relaxing stillness.

Personal Bio
Audrey has been living in the Austin area since 2016. Through curiosity and feeling, she has
witnessed the workings of energetic liberation, letting go of past traumas, and coming back
home to the heart with hands-on work. Through her voice, she offers tones, humming, and
melodies that are an intuitive dance with the energy.

How Reiki Works in My Life
I love to meditate in the morning and evening, knowing I am one with the Creator. Whenever I
share Reiki love with myself or a receiver, I feel so light, open and motivated. I feel like I know
just what I am doing. I feel deeply honored for the journey and practice of being an open
channel, asking our Creator, Life Force Energy for healing love to flow through me and to the
people that wish to accept my offering. May we all be free to play, grow and learn!
Regular practices that help me feel present: gratitude, meditating, yoga, dancing, eating lots of plant foods, feeling good!

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