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Find clarity & guidance in our Reading Room!

In times of uncertainty, transitions and change, it can be very helpful to receive guidance & clarity from an expert intuitive. We have many intuitive readers & practitioners that practice and offer insight into specific situations (relationship, career, etc..), guidance on next steps in times of change, clarity amidst confusion, and knowledge from beyond this physical plane. They each have a unique style, area of expertise, as well as use different modalities so please feel free to read about them to see which will best suit your needs. Our Reading Room was carefully put together to create a safe space to be vulnerable, open, and spiritually protected for both yourself & practitioner

Tarot Reading
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The Reading Room

Planet and Moon

Energy Work


Find clarity & guidance in our Wellness Room!

Everything is made of energy – including humans! – and just as we can get physically unwell or blocked up - our energy can as well. In fact, energy blockages are usually the cause of physical unwellness. Just as we need to care for our physical body exercise, nutrition, hygiene, and bodywork; our energy field also requires our attention and maintenance, as it is directly connected to our emotions & physical body. When we go on unhealed from our life experiences & trauma, neglecting our emotions & sufferings, our body holds onto those feelings for us. Over time, these unhealed parts of ourselves can later become physical ailments if left unhealed & unresolved. Breathwork, sound healing, & Reiki are holistic healing arts that can help to ease stress & create a shift of energy to recalibrate the mind, body & spirit. Removing trauma/blocks, healing emotional upsets, coming back into your body, realigning your energy or chakras, auric clearing, releasing old patterns, activating your gifts or talents, and avoiding psychical ailments are just some of the benefits that can come from regular practice of energetic hygiene & healing. Please read about our practitioners and their offerings and our wonderful Wellness Room created as a safe space to heal and lift your spirit.

Sound Healing

The Wellness Room

Buddha Statue
Palm Massage

Body Work


Come relax in our wellness room to aid in stress reduction! Part of Liberating yourself is healing your physical body, which in turn is a gateway for energy and vitality to create and express yourself and helping release and realign. Body Work is a combination of everything the body needs to live a healthy long lifestyle. This in turn will help with mental clarity and energy. It can help reduce inflammation in the body that can in turn help with chronic pain and illness. To put it simply, physical activity, exercise and nutrition is important for everyone. Children, adolescents, and adults of all ages need regular physical activity. Understanding the benefits of physical fitness and knowing how active you should be can help you maintain good health and improve your overall quality of life.

Great for: Strength and power, Healthy lifestyle, supporting the immune system, weight loss, Muscle Building

Crystal Salt

Candle Services



Book a session with CC, Curio's candlemaker, for a candle consultation and/or reading, to dive into the candle users needs and create the perfect custom fixed candle and full instructions to use it. Candle readings are also available by appointment.

We also offer candles for weddings and other events that can be customized in many ways including design, intention, and recipe.

Custom candle orders can simply be put in below virtually. If you have a complex fixed candle need or a large custom candle order, we ask that you please book an in-person candle consultation,

Beeswax Candles
Leaf Pattern Design

Our Services

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