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About Trece


My name is Trece Spalten. I’m an intuitive, teacher, and healing arts practitioner based in Austin, TX, specializing in guiding people to live powerfully authentic lives through the wisdom, healing, and purpose of their soul: the deepest experience of the Who You Really Are.


Descendant of the Finns, Germans, Norse and the people of the British Isles, I have a rich heritage of spiritual and practical wisdom that I have come to cherish. Today, I honor my ancestors as a profound source healing, guidance, and reconnection with the living Earth.


I started down this path at an early age, always drawn by a longing to understand where I “fit into” this world and why I have real-life experiences of things others insist are imaginary. My journey taught me how to reclaim these seemingly odd parts of me as gifts that could heal my life, and in turn, help heal the lives of others. Remembering my true identity as a spiritual being, along with developing intuitive skills and healing practices, gave me the ability to rise above heavy family dysfunction, depression, abusive relationships, the pitfalls of being a gay man, ancestral burdens, and the overall trauma of modern life, as a person who is happy, healthy, and whole. For real.


For nearly twenty years I have gratefully served others in the process of re-membering their wholeness. My entire professional life has been focused on helping people, with training in: psychology (BA), massage therapy (LMT), Montessori education, intuition and psychic development, Reiki and energy work, shamanic healing, somatic trauma therapy, European pagan traditions, Western Mystery Traditions and metaphysics. I have also trained in contemporary and traditional Earth-honoring, spiritual healing practices with Dr. Daniel Foor (completed an in-depth training in Ancestral Lineage Healing) and Medicine Woman Marika Alvarado (indigenous medicine).


In my daily life, I love to hike the many beautiful trails of the Greenbelt in my hometown of Austin, TX, buy more books than I have time to read, spend luxurious time with friends and loved ones, as well as go on campouts, road trips, and surprise adventures.

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