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Heather Rose

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About Heather

Ricardo Gonzales, Master Psychic Reader
Ricardo is a native Texan, born and raised in West Texas, Abilene,
Texas. He has been seeing spirit since he was 9 years old, ever since
then; he has been fascinated with Spirituality, Metaphysics and
He credits himself as an Ordained Metaphysical Minister from the
International Metaphysical Ministry University Seminary, Certified
Metaphysical Practitioner and holds a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science.
He works in the Metaphysical Community as a Psychic Advisor,
Medium and a Tarot Card Reader and is now recognized as a Master
Psychic Reader. Has been working as a practitioner for 35 years.
Ricardo specializes in Angelic Communications.
Because of his Spiritual belief, his Prayer Treatments are heavily defined
in healing the Soul. This natural phenomenon of working with Guides,
Spirit and Angels allows him to focus on bringing the messages that are
needed at the time, to his clients and the Spiritual Community.
Ricardo owns his own business called, “Finding Your Life Path
Company”, President of the Austin Metaphysical Academy and is a
Metaphysical Practitioner.

Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc.
Providing Curandero & Psychic Healing Services
Metaphysical Instructor

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