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Peggy Sanders

Peggy is a trained Reiki Master Teacher and has spent many years in the healing arts, drawing strength and clarity from all of nature, our sun, moon, and stars, mother earth, and those who inhabit her. She is very passionate about Reiki & has an innate ability to see and feel the energy that we all bring to the universe.

Audrey Miller

Audrey is a hands-on Reiki practitioner who, through her beautiful voice, offers tones, humming, and melodies that are an intuitive dance with the energy. Through curiosity and feeling, she has witnessed the workings of energetic liberation, letting go of past traumas, and coming back home to the heart with hands-on work. 


Alex Roman

Alex is a Reiki Master-Energy healer & Atx Hairstylist. Alex’s greatest pleasure is to remove stagnant energy bringing forth a harmonious spirit, focusing on her goal to be of service by removing any energetic roadblocks & weight to further ones growth and aid them to gain proper footing to their rightful sense of prosperity! 


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